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 On sonic the hedgehog’s debut in 1991 was unstoppable in terms of high energy spin, roll and ricochet in Sega’s video game that rivalled against Super Mario that seems sedentary in comparison. When you leave Sonic on Mega Drive unprompted on screen and after a few seconds he would glare out of the screen, having an irritable foot as if you were wasting his time and stopping him from doing his missions. We could all see sonic spinning at 200 fierce rotations per minute and was immediately a source of renewed vigour and direction for Sega.

Sonic Games

Sega released the 16-bit Sega Genesis system when “Sonic The Hedgehog” had a lot of cool levels and each level had a different and unique soundtrack. The classic level of Sonic the Hedgehog was the Green Hill Zone, the Marble zone had its cool music, and the Spring Yard Zone was a fun level to play, and the hardest zone to play was the Labyrinth Zone and what’s a better way to end the last level with a hard boss. When the whole Sonic The Hedgehog game was released, it only had two main characters who is Sonic and Dr. Robotnik.


In 1992, Sega released the next Sonic the Hedgehog 2, a sequel to the previous game. The game was exciting since they introduced Sonics’ first sidekick whose name was Tails. The game started an opportunity to a multiplayer game which had a 2 player vs. Mode and was made to satisfy gamers and made the game cooler than the last one. The story mode or main mode can even have a 2-player mode in it. When you start the game with Tails as an AI, it just mimics what sonic does but it can also be controlled by another controller. What really got most of the player’s attention were the 3D special stages and it was definitely a huge improvement from the previous Sonic. There are common three types of spider solitaire game. They include one suit, two suits, and four suits although a three suit may appear in some version.


Then there came Sonic 3, a new graphic design and new soundtracks for each zone. This sonic game is more interesting than any other of the sonic games. Unlike the older versions of sonic, players can save their games and can continue collecting the emeralds that they have missed. In this game, another new character has been introduced and his name is knuckles. Knuckles started out as a bully to sonic since knuckles was the one who stole all the chaos emeralds. Players get to have the option of playing as sonic, tails or knuckles but you can only play knuckles during a 2 player competition. The more games that are introduced, the more moves that sonic and his sidekick gets. You would be amazed about trying out new moves for sonic and tails.


Sonic games can be played on many platforms or consoles like PC, SNES, and Nintendo. You can also try downloading an emulator to try out different types of Sonic games. Since most of the Sonic games are all created in different consoles and all in a different timeline.